BigCommerce Vs Shopify

The Big Commerce Review

Tell me something, how angry are you of all those review sites of BigCommerce out there? It’s the same old stuff being said over and over right?

If they are, than be very glad that you have found this guide, because the intention here is to be a little different, to speak to you about things that a lot of the other review sites are just not doing.. So The information you are about to read here about a Big Commerce Review is different than all those other sites out there.

I can hear how relieved you are already that you come across this site - and I can hear you thanking me already. So if it’s information about BigCommerce you are after, this guide is just what you need to be reading.

Step right up, be prepared to read this Big Commerce review starting right about now….

But what an introduction hey? I have really talked up this Big Commerce Review now haven’t I.

The table of contents, if you will is made up of PCI compliant information, Search Engine Optimization, Selling on that monster site called Facebook and Shopping comparison export

Yes, they are PCI Compliant
PCI is very important, please pay attention to this point if you have never heard of this term in the past. Firstly it is an acronym that stands for Payment Card Industry, and being PCI compliant means satisfying the security requirements that they have.

Now A lot of the top ecommerce platforms out there are PCI Compliant - but some are not. If you find one that is not, it’s best you don’t give them the light of day. OK so being PCI Complaint. Big Deal right? Yes. It is. let’s take a look at the reason why

Big Commerce has the following; passed assigning a unique ID to each person with computer access who develop their platform, restrict physical access to the card holder data, track and monitor all access to network resources and cardholder data, regularly test security systems and processes and a whole lot more

The list above shows the seriousness about being PCI Compliant. As you can see they are things that you must demand from a serious ecommerce shopping cart platform. This is a big thing ladies and gentlemen.

Shopping Comparison Export
Only Read this feature if you are interested in making serious money online. Seriously. So for those that are looking to make money online and live the lifestyle you want - this feature must be used to serious effect.

I really can’t express how important this thing really is - but let’s just say it’s the difference between winning and losing.  Let me put it in another way - this is one thing you can’t afford not to do.

Have you heard of web sites like Beso, Bizrate, MySimon, NexTag,PriceGrabber, and Shopzilla?These are the Internet pages that the Shopping Comparison Export tools allows you to get on very easily.

You want to be on these Internet pages as this is where millions and millions of people search for products such as yours. You basically need to be on these sites. Yes you will be taking a little bit less of a margin - but you will be making so much more money.

BigCommerce has the smarts to sell on Facebook
Do you want to be part of the wave game? If you are not on Facebook you are on the bench. One thing is for sure; you are not on the big tidal wave which almost the rest of the online world is on at this current moment. Do you get excited hearing that Facebook has over half a billion people registered on there -and that connecting with any of them is online a few connections away?.

If you are aware with Facebook - there are things called Fan pages. BigCommerce can get your products onto this section of the page through the use of a tab.

Shoppers will be able to click through onto the product, through to your BigCommerce store and purchase your item.

So are you looking to take advantage of Social Networks?, If your answer was yes, you need to use this feature.

Search Engine Optimization
Ranking high in search engines doesn't happen over night. It takes time to see results. But when it does come, the results sure are worth the wait.

It is the upmost significant to set up web pages correctly in the first place to give yourself the best opportunity to get into the number 1 position - where the clicks come on fast and the money comes in even faster.

Big Commerce takes care of all the SEO stuff in the backend - all you need to do is tell the system what the page is all about, put in your title and keywords for the page and Big Commerce will put it into the format that search engines love to read.

There you have the four points. If you are serious about making a purchasing decision with BigCommerce there is some more information you should be checking out.

If you would like an extended review check out the Big Commerce Review page over on

BigCommerce Vs Shopify - Who Will Win The Battle?

There has been a lot of conversation recently about which ecommerce software to go with. If you have been following things recently, you would know that one of the bigger battles has been: BigCommerce Vs Shopify. Both of them offer an attractive solution which makes people indecisive in picking between the two.

What most people need to realize is that there are quite major differences between the two and that is the topic of discussion here. The important thing to realize is what it is you actually need. Getting really clear on what functions you need from a shopping cart will put you in a much better condition to actually make a purchasing decision on the two, and knowing that the decision was a right one.

There is a major difference between the two of these bad boys. BigCommerce has everything you need right from the get go. The features that are included are all encompassing and is right up there with the best stuff in the industry.

Shopify have taken a different approach to their software. Instead of adding just about every functionality they can think of, they just added the basics and they give you to add on the features that you want. This is similar to how the Apple iPhone app store works.

There is not a whole lot of moving when it comes to the price. Although the difference with pricing is that BigCommerce charges for excess bandwidth over a certain amount, and Shopify charge a percentage transaction fee.

Basically once you start making money from these sites, and the bigger you get, the more money they will charge you to run it. 

So BigCommerce Vs Shopify, who wins? I would have to say BigCommerce - because they offer so much more in terms of features. I like the idea of having everything in my software just in case I need it one day.

Well there you have it, BigCommerce Vs Shopify I hope this got you a little interested and helped you better make a decision on which one you would like to go with. Be sure to check out the website for additional details about BigCommerce.